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RoVA stands for "Rest of Virginia." It is the opposite of NoVA, which stands for "Northern Virginia." This term has been adopted by members of Northern Virginia to help set themselves apart from the lower half of the state. In RoVA, confederate flags are a prominent fixture, trailers are a common form of housing, and big hair is everywhere. You must also be aware of the amount of spandex worn in the region.
Marie: Hey, you're new here! Where did you come from?
Louise: Oh, I'm from Bristol.
Marie: Hmmm, that must be in RoVA.
by NOVA Love December 24, 2009
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Rova - To travel or go somewhere in style.
Rova is derived from the name of the luxury SUV made by Land Rover, Range Rover.
Person one: Bro', I'm going to rova
Person two: OK dude. Peace
by BrizzleSkizzle March 02, 2009
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