The frontman of Weezer. Born on June 13, 1970. He is devoted to Vipassana Meditation and is said to meditate twice a day. Many people have stated the many positive changes that have occurred in Rivers ever since he started this method. Due to meditation, Rivers declared that he would remain celibate for 2 years. He stayed true to his word and even went over the 2 years deadline. Rivers stated that he wanted to break his celibacy on his wedding night...June 18th, 2006 (which was yesterday). He is also a Harvard graduate. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature after attending school on and off for 11 years on June 8th 2006. He does often give off that snobby/sarcastic vibe but he has sold over 7 million albums, is filthy rich, and is a Harvard graduate. Anyone with a list of accomplishments like that would have a bit of an ego don't u think? I think the main reason why he's so appealing to me is because he doesn't fit the image of a stereotypical rocker.
He's pretty shy/quiet, has a small stature and is known for his Buddy Holly glasses (although I haven't seen him wearing them lately).
He also finds Asian women attractive. His wife is Japanese.
I think he went through a pretty tough time during the Pinkerton era but I can tell he changed a lot from then. He seems more mature/wise/a lot happier now. There's this look of peace on his face whenever I see him.
I think Rivers is very charismatic (although he doesn't think so).
Rivers Cuomo = genius.
by A. June 19, 2006
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he's a walking oxymoron.
shy rock star
cool nerd
definitly easy on the eyes (but im not gonna over play that because hes so embarassed of being famous and i assume also of having so many 14 year olds who say hes so hot)
he really shouldnt even be defined. he'd hate this.
by ~shmoe November 24, 2003
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-the lead singer of the band that ended the grundge explosion.
-the coolest nerdy guy in the music industry.
-hes hot.
he's in a band... but still makes time out of his day to play dugeons and dragons (how hot is that??)
by Jess September 13, 2003
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1. Lead singer, guitarist, and writer for post-everything alternative rock band Weezer
2. Owner of Homie Records
3. Oh we ooh, he looks just like Buddy Holly
Rivers Cuomo has experienced many diverse hair styles, from the frightening to the flattering.
by . March 09, 2003
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-lead singer of what can be classified as "nerdy pop-rock" band Weezer

-hot Geek with strangely attractive sunglasses
Why do I like Rivers? He's hot. And he looks like my boyfriend. And I like nerdy looking guys. And did I say he's hot?
by Lig October 10, 2003
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