Most known as the lead singer a the alternative rock band "Weezer". He is also knows as a middle aged man who is into half-Japanese girls.
man you are SUCH a Rivers Cuomo
via giphy
by blockofcheese April 05, 2020
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a sexy nerd, very shy, loves soccer, a very hot vegetarian! singer and songwriter of Weezer, =w=, somehow i to am i attracted to his amazing self..cannot lie cuz he's too honest but loyal and generous, did i say he was hot? i meant extremely sexy! Rivers if yuh read this.. im the one!!
nerdy, emo, loves Kiss. example? dude just look up his picture, or listen to one of his band's many great cd's!
by czryangelicaforweezer November 29, 2003
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The lead singer of the band Weezer. Doesn't like fans of him anyway. I don't exactly blame him, fans can be assholes. Great song writer in my opinion and also one of the best vocalist in that style music today.
*weird rivers fan*: ohhemmgee riverz ur lyke so effing hot i luv u!

Rivers Cuomo: Go away bitch you arent wanted here...
by kel8675309 August 08, 2006
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A very weird yet attractive singer.
Wears MASSIVE geek specs.
Brilliant songwriter, the guy responsible for a decade of brilliant music.
A Rock GOD.(shame he's so weird though)
I LOOOVE Rivers Cuomo
Isn't he a weirdo?
Yeah but he's a hot weirdo (drool)
(let's just hope rivers himself isn't reading it)
by TheMidnightBeastfan November 05, 2011
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A guy who everyone should feel sorry for because he is named RIVERS. also wears dorky glasses, but most weezer fans love him anyway. i at least did, until one of the definitions said that he didnt like his fans. wtf?!
how could rivers cuomo not like his fans?
by TeenageLobotomy June 06, 2006
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A guy who doesn't like his fans cuz he finds them really really annoying and doesnt want anything to do with them. Which means he hates everyone who posted on here.
"Hell no! Fans are annoying. They all want something. Yeah, or asking me to play a certain song. They're all little bitches, so I avoid them at all costs."
by messedupstud March 19, 2004
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a really weird guy who needs to relax a little bit. definitely a douchebag. twisted and strange and mentally troubled.
i definitely do not want to be rivers cuomo, but i'll listen to his first couple cds.
by chon3 May 31, 2008
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