this is the day a fucking bad ass bitch was born, the day a beautiful, amazing, talented, wonderful, dope, weirdo, funny person was born. if you have someone in your life on this day you are one if the luckiest people on the earth because just seeing them makes you light up inside, but dont ever and i mean EVER drop them you will regret it and even if you don’t think it wont effect you. this person can be a complete crackhead sometimes but its the funniest thing ever in that moment. on top of this they are a Gemini so they dont like being lonley, routines or being ordered to do things so make sure you also arent rude bc they wont tolerate they can fall in deep spaces so if you are friends with one just make sure you are there for them but they are very affectionate and loving if you do that. but June 18th you are amazing
You: hey that girl over there is beautiful!

Me: I bet shes born on June 18th bro!!

You: You are def right
by ImaCoolDamnFuckinBitch December 1, 2019
The day the rapper XXXtentacion died
I loved the song SAD! by XXXtentacion who died on June 18th
by Trent daddy July 26, 2018
The day we lost our homie X.
Millions of people were heartbroken.
Homie #1: remember June 18th?
Homie #2: *runs of crying* LONG LIVE JAHSEH!
by S3baS1id3 February 25, 2019
a truly amazing day, where all the mistakes gather together to celebrate the day of their creation. we will become all but one, a true beautiful where the mistakes collide to become the ultimate life-form. for one day only, us mistakes will become god among men. but, once it hits 12:00AM, we're forever gone to the dust of mistake.
Mistake#1: '' Hey! It's June 18th! ''
Normal Person: " So, what does that mean? "
Mistake#1: " It means.. "
*insert anime transformation..*
Normal Person: '' HUH?! ''
Mistake#1,000: '' WE BECOME GOD! ''
by utk_ktu May 13, 2020
The shitshow that includes seductive waterfights and bathing.

Often includes a bearded man name Robert.
"Hey did u see that goatee guy Rob squirting all over those children?"

"Yeah bro it was a June 18th scenario"
by SexuallyAttractiveLol May 25, 2021
All chads are born on June 18th, don't even try to fight them, they will beat you up, stay on their good side
Bob: gimme your lunch money

Chad: I was born on June 18th
"Bob runs away in fear "
by I am cool, are you? June 27, 2022
The pugoism’s new year. And the beginning of the month “pag”. Every baby that was borned that day will automatically go to heaven. According to the pugoism religion.
Tomorrow, June 18th is the pugoism new year. My friend is a pugoism and he invited me to celebrate.
by Jorge the pugoist June 7, 2019