A small preppy community by the Henry Hudson Bridge, spanning from the Hudson river's edge to and ending with the hill by Riverdale Avenue. Once down the hill you enter KINGSBRIDGE!!!!! The crappy drug infested area surrounding Manhattan College is called Kingsbridge and is commonly mistaken for Riverdale. Riverdale is nice; we don't have welfare families living up here and, we have good educations.
"Riverdale is NOT the Bronx, it's a whole separate entity."
by MHCS August 29, 2006
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Riverdale, also known as "Triggadale" is a neighborhood where you wanna think about making a turn into, cause once you take a peek, you never coming out the same. Nicky the Deala trys to make a name for himself here, ultimate kingpin of the drug trade in Riverdale.

Its the only place where you will see the most corruption in New York history. the Jews got money to bribe local Yonkers policemen who have nothing to do with crime in the Bronx, to react to local Riverdale issues. If you are not one of the Jews and you are caught doing something, you will be arrested in a matter of seconds. They also are a major part of the Education system in district 10, this includes Riverdale public schools, so what you learn in class, might be something to brainwash you.

Its also one of the most hardcore neighborhoods cause 7 of the most major races in New York center here. The Jews, the Irish, the Russians, The Hispanics, Rich Caucasian fieldston kids, The Albanians and some African Americans. The mix of these races is what makes Riverdale the Triggadale. Fights happen here all the time, even drivebys at liebig. Even weak small time crews, like Anthony Matao and his boys, who hobbies are smoking weed and messing with defenseless Russians people over the russian embassy gates.

Besides the negative, This is the home of Mark Twain the writer who wrote Huckleberry fin, whos house now a museum resides wave hill. That is, if you dont get your shit robbed before buying the ticket into wave hill.
Person 1: You wanna go to Riverdale, I heard its a nice Neighborhood.

Person 2: Dont let the rich people fool you, cause Riverdale isnt known as Triggadale for nothing.
by E MONEY! November 15, 2009
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A place DMX thinks is part of Yonkers.
Riverdale is in Yonkaz!!!!
by DMX June 08, 2004
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One of the hill schools in the Bronx. At Riverdale, the men are gods, the women are supple nymphs with bodies like those in Botticelli's Primavera. Ambrosia, Wine, and Passoguava juice flow freely from the taps and there is ceaseless merriment. The students honoured to called themselves Riverdalians are the most intelligent, sophisticated, and athletic in, dare I say it, the US of A, and yet also the most humble and modest. Truly, they are a blessed race.

Of course, when you're sober and have to go to the damn place five times a week, it looses some of its appeal, but we're still 10X better than the creepy hobgoblins from the other two hill schools.
Riverdale has many notable alumni, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Indiana Jones, and Saint Simon Peter.
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A cringe show full of people in their twenties trying to pass off as teenagers who sound utterly brain-dead when they speak because their dialogue is written by boomer scriptwriters who think every one under forty-two speaks in sjw twitter hashtags.
Person 1: riverdale is such a cool, hip show!
Person 2: shut up mom
by bagel_brother January 22, 2020
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