Rissa is short for Merissa-Rissa-Bo-Bissa, The Supreme Most Coolest Kick-Ass Thug Hoe Bitch of the Universe, my chewbacca-noise-making giggle-bot. Rissa was amazing, hilarious, incredible, off-the-wall, unique, inspired, one in six billion, creative, sweet, beautiful, outrageous, dreamlike. Rissa was my idol. Rest in peace, gorgeous. You were too extraordinary for this world. 08.21.1984 - 07.11.2006
I will love Rissa forever. I can't believe Rissa is gone. Rissa was amazing. My world is empty without Rissa.
by Kate (Keke) July 13, 2006
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Rissa is a beautiful person with a passionate heart and does not want anything from anyone but love
Gf”I’m breaking up with you sorry”
Rissa “ you were only fuckin with my feelings because you didn’t know your own, but all I wanted was love
by Rissa Pooh January 20, 2022
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This girl falls for people she knows she shouldn’t. She always takes a guys side. She cares to much. She is scared, and anxious and has so many trust issues bc of a single group of people. She believes things maybe she shouldn’t and falls hard for people who are hurt. She wants to fix everyone and everything but gets other people and herself caught in the crossfire. She is really sorry.
“ Rissa, you are so stupid for believing all this shit.”

“ Rissa, you need to do what’s good for u”
“ wow Rissa is a shitty person
by bigthottiethotthot October 18, 2018
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A beautiful, kind, loving girl, who is willing to do anything for her friends,
she is also a gentle kind hearted person who is easy to approach, however she is shy at first but then becomes more comfortable to open her gob.
she loves her bestfriend and will always be there to pick up the pieces and defended them when vulnerable
she's such a clarissa/rissa for sticking up for her!!
by youmamamamalalalalala April 12, 2011
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To fall and break a limb or extremity while checking out a member of the opposite sex who is employed in the service of protecting civilians, ie Fireman, Police Officer, Paramedic
I almost pulled a Rissa the other day while I was checking out a cute paramedic.
by livvylola February 21, 2010
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When one's nipples stand visibly erect through several layers of their clothing.
"I walked outside, and my nips totally started pulling a rissa!"
by Alligator Blood December 22, 2011
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Exact definitions of coolness cannot be defined. Scientists believe one single drop of cute from Pants may very well be enough to light the sun...if it should ever go out.

Ratio of cuteness over awesomeness is purely undefinable due to infinite amounts of both.

Most lovable and adorable person that may very well walk the planet.
"That girl has Asteroids in her pocket?!?!
She must be a Rissa Pants."

"Her smile just freakin blinded the guy in the minivan officer! I swear, she's a total Pants!"
by Ze Rah-Fah March 4, 2009
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