The correct spelling of ‘re re
She’s such a ri ri, she asked what the motive was!!
by Daddyjrdn June 02, 2019
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the most beautiful person ever with a great mind set. amazing personality, and someone you can talk to when you not doing so well.
Riri- “Hey girlll, you looking cute today”
You- “Thank you, I haven’t been feeling good today”
Riri- “ Aww what happened talk to me about it if that fine with you”
via giphy
by 8273747 December 31, 2020
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sexy girl she so sexy and a person of colour she has brown hair and beautiful emo hair and she curbstomps everyone
riri is sexy
by willydoodoo January 30, 2021
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a sexy emo brown skin girl her hair hides the light but shes emo she has a body crazy curvy wavy big tiddies lil waist and pulls whoever she wants no lie and her sidekick is lyn fairy 🤥🤥 they be cause trouble since 2018 😈😈😈😈
riri sexy
by willydoodoo January 30, 2021
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My favorite person, he has a great sense of humor and will always match ur energy, he loves to moan and say you are making him cream when you facetime him at night so be warned. He gets very hyper but its v cute. Not to mention how hes always is thinking about others and never wants someone to feel sad. Overall Riley will be a great friend and even better bf, be prepared though lots of people want riley :)
Riri is a poopy
by Rileyisaweirdo May 26, 2021
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Riri is the type of guy who is just amazing and hard working in everyway
Have you heard about RiRi?
Yes he is just amazing in everyway
I completely agree
by Apheto February 21, 2021
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riri is jiji's. riri is yohan. and heiji loves yohan. riri is very talented, very funny, very charming, very loveable, very sweet, very kind, and just all! riri also cooks! he makes different variety of delicious foods and yes, he's a chef. ( his future husband would be lucky ) tho, riri is also a dom, he's tough and all. but jiji subs for him so it's okay! and riri is what you call the definition of a 'gago' but despite that, jiji still loves riri. riri also doesn't shower, so he smells a bit.
"ang gago talaga ni riri."
"b|-|0eZsx r1Ri mLak4zsx..,,!!"
"ang bantot mo na riri maligo ka na nga."
"isang kiss nga diyan riri."
"riri ang gwapo mo po."
by jiji. February 13, 2021
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