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It's the amazing sword of the amazing half blood Percy Jackson from the amazing PJO series, wrote by Rick Riordan aka Rick Troll Riordan.
It's a pen that turns into a sword so we fangirl often fangirlize about it.
Me: *uncaps pen*
Me screaming: C'mon Riptide I need you to slay those monsters!!!
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Person 1: oh shite man did you listen to riptide in class

Person 2: oh yeah it was a banger
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by the pp man of the pp’s August 26, 2019
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when sitting on the toilet taking a deuce and the water splashes up into your butthole
"I totally got hit by a riptide when taking my morning dump today
by dankDefine September 01, 2017
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Shortly after a male ejaculates, the male will feel that he will have a second wind and continue. Shortly after this, he ejaculates again in disappointment or disbelief.
Hey man I had the oddest sex session and my girlfriend broke up with me after I had a riptide on her pillow. Worst night I've had in awhile.
by The Royal Trout M.C. April 02, 2013
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When your friend is smoking a hookah/bong and you make them laugh, making smoke shoot out from either sides of their mouth.
*billy is ripping a bong after a hard day at centrelink*
"oi so that officer came over mine today and we snorted some ketamine"
billy then proceeds to create a riptide, as per hazza's plan.
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When you find yourself with someone who really enjoys shit in their ass (guy or girl) and you get some anal sex beads (kinda like a Mardi Gras neckless). After feeding in a good foot or more of the beads (with proper lubrication), it is the process of yanking the beads out like starting one of those stubborn fucking push-lawnmowers, it involves a lot of screaming, cussing, pain, blood, and SHIT.
Rip for the ripping motion of the beads, and the ripping of the asshole, and tide for the flood of blood and shit that comes out.
Damn, that must have hurt sooooo much when he riptided her ass! Way more than when he overboarded her!
by Brian H November 06, 2004
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