Riptide is very sexy and makes me act up.
" have you seen Riptide"
" obviously hes soo sexy"
by Chpm February 12, 2021
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Describes a big rip. Commonly used when you have a succession of rips all crashing down on your life simultaneously.
Damn bro I’ve been having the worst week so far, it’s been absolute riptides.
by Scottythememe March 15, 2020
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You gotta watch a riptide, they're dangerous.
Shad- Oh shit how did I get out this far?

Lifeguard- You look like you're in trouble man, are you okay?

Shad- No I'm not okay look at me man. I'm in a fuckin riptide man!

Lifeguard- Do you have any last words?

Shad- Its too late for me, just save my son. Wuuuuuwwwwwooooooaaaaahhhh!

Lifeguard-Did you want me to add wuuuuuwwwwwooooooaaaaahhhh to the record so people know how brave and musical you can be at the same time? Nobody will mess with you if you make it back to shore then. Shad??? Shad are you still with us?
by Solid Mantis May 22, 2020
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