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"Rin-El": (Combination of name "Rina" 1, and "El" 2 as a short form for Eloheinu)

1. Rina — In Hebrew, it means a joy that is both complete and spiritual. It has inaccurately been reported as meaning "joyful song" or simply "song" (which is actually "Shira"), but one can see how "joyful song" might have crept in there. This fairly idiomatic meaning was explained to me in this way: if you imagine a linear spectrum of good feelings from 'mere' joy ("simcha") to love ("ahava"), then "Rina" is orthogonal to that spectrum, reaching upwards towards God, in complete joy, spiritually and physically.

2. Eloheinu — the plural 1st person possessive of אֱלֹהִים Elohim, meaning “our God”.

Rinel is not only a unique and special name, but embodies promise and a Devine connection. Rinel will surely bring endless happiness, abundant joy, and eternal blessing into the lives of those in her presence.
"Rinel always has a smile on her face!"

"I don't know what it is about her, but Rinel makes me happy."
by itsawonderfulworld November 13, 2013
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