Used to describe two things that are independent of each other. One does not imply the other.
Common sense and intelligence are orthogonal. I've seen plenty of smart people with no common sense.
by WJ Callahan January 14, 2009
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A word used by the tech-savvy to sound smarter than the really are.

More specifically:

A math term that means perpendicular, but not just in 2D but in any dimension. Now commonly used to indicate an idea or concept that stands apart so much from everything else that it "sticks out," is "from left field," or is "third-way."
"I have this co-worker who keeps using the word 'orthogonal,' usually after he mentions some idea he thinks is God's gift to man. Can't wait to get this word into my vocab. Soon as I figure out what it means."
by Philosophistry February 8, 2010
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Having a surface-area orthogonal (lateral) to the curve of a line with respect to the surface area between the x-y axis and the line-curve.

The orthogonal-surface area contains non-visible triangles which follow the non-contiguated rules of the nodes on surface-of-graphene.

The line bends into a curve at every point these triangles are placed.
The length of the line equals the surface area sum of each all triangles.

This is what is called a transfinite curve.

Each curve contains an orthogonated surface area with graphenated triangles.
by metawave May 31, 2020
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