baddass kid, if you dont like him so much why dont you tell him?
by Rinaldi January 4, 2005
1. a homosexual shithead or cockbag.
2. A thin layer of cotton between your mattress and your bed.
1. The guy using the keg last night was such a Rinaldi.
2. After I went to bed, my Rinaldi was all messed up.
by HonestyMan August 26, 2008
An author young adult novels, mainly geared towards girls. She is most noted for he books dealing with young girls in American history. For example, one of Patrick Henry's daughters in "Or Give Me Death."
Jane just read "Girl in Blue" by Ann Rinaldi, and promptly fell in love with Captain Sheldon.
by Becks Grevau March 17, 2007
Someone who gets no bitches and ends up dating someone for 3 months and still hasn't spoken with her.
Person 1: you're a Zane Rinaldi

Person 2: aww fuck off
by Zong February 11, 2022
Danny Rinaldi is an italian man
Danny has a kinky weird fascination with small school aged children and animals
Danny Rinaldi thinks beastiality isn’t that bad
by Frxnch July 22, 2019