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A sword in the anime "Inuyasha". It is the counter-part of the Tetsusaiga. Although it can't cut, hence deliver any damage, the Tenseiga can heal any wounds, up to revival. Later, Sesshomaru becomes its wielder.
The Tenseiga is Sessho-maru's blade forged by Toto-sai.
by Delf October 13, 2003
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The "Brother" of the Tetsusaiga, the Tenseiga was made from the fang of Inuyasha and Shssomaru's father. The Tetsusaiga has the power to slay 100 demons in a single strike, and the Tenseiga has the power to revive 100 souls in one sweep.
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by Asakura Hao August 13, 2004
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