RiKu is a leecher who deoes thinks he is 1337 but is a kid with no life and should sit his trump azz on his runway h0e
by GaryZelda October 16, 2003
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A gay wimp-ass little boy from Central U.S. who attempts to copy Piccolo, who attempts to copy Moomoo, who horribly attempts to copy Vitz. But no one can copy Vitz, for he is Lord God.
Man1: Look, there's Riku!
Man2: Let's go chuck shit at him and sodomize him...in the ass!
by Vitz June 20, 2004
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a damn sexy beast that every girl wants to do
He is such a Rikus today.
by SukiR October 05, 2016
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He likes big cock in mouth and sucks at sports terribly and they usually love weed and have bad hearing
by Rikuis cock gay February 02, 2018
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