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Riko....he’s the most amazing guy out there. He is sometimes overly sarcastic, but usually has good intentions. He is very funny, smart, talented and makes jokes about basically everyone and everything. Rikos can also be very handsome and muscular. He is protective of his friends and family and a sweetheart to the ones he loves the most. And over all, he’s just a sexy BEAST. If you ever meet a Riko in your life, keep him close and never forget him.
Aye, where’s my homie Riko at?
by Sophia_Wolf December 02, 2017
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A unit of mathematics that has no apparent unit nor measurement. It is up to you to interpret. Most common answer is 60.
no black person has more than one Riko in their bank account. 1 Riko = 60...
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by 10HMathsNiBBA November 06, 2018
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One of the most awesome friends in the world.Hes smart and funny and is dating one of the coolest goth chicks ever.His name is also known as LaRiko.Hes one of my best guy friends and is basicly the shit.
((Love ya Riko))
Mariah: Holly crap guys is that Riko
Kim: Oh who that guy?
Mariah: yeah him
Kim: Why you wanna know?
Mariah: Cause hes MAJOR cool yo.
Kim: Why yes....yes I know.
by 20bubbles10 August 25, 2008
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the most AMAZING Person out there you will never find a friend like him
your so AMAZING Riko I never want to loose you as a friend
by Who Knows ?? June 08, 2018
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Rikø is one of the girl every one hates. She is ugly inside and out and she only cares about herself. She has no friends but she forces the shy people to be her friend. How cruel right! She is a class clown but only the shy people laugh ( they’re forced to .) She is SO nice to new people but after a week she argues with them and is all alone. Haha! If you EVER come across a Rikø NEVER talk to her or be her friend. Just be cold to her and walk away. 👍🏼
Ella. “oh look. It’s RIKO
Lilah “ oh fuck I hate that bich”
Ella “ waait. Arnt you like bffs with her?”
Lilah “ NO FUCKING WAY!!! But SHE thinks so🙄 I’m trying to ignore her though”
Ella “well good luck on that”
by The person who hates Rikø January 23, 2018
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