Riis is the funniest person ever, they always knows just what to say to fill in an awkward silence and knows how to create them too. They’re the perfect person to have in your friend group and makes a great friend. They can have mixed personalities at time but will always eventually bounce back to their best version of themselves. They fill sad moments with laughter, happy moments with more smiling, and are great to be around.
-Dude we need to hang out with Riis!

-Ya definitely, Riis is the best
by SpicyBuffalo42 May 20, 2021
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everyone LOVES these people. they're QUEENS. Will always make you smile. They're gorgeous bitches too.
Do you see that riy over there? She's lit!!
I want to be friends with that riy.
by 0ompa.loompa June 5, 2020
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usually someone says this instead of saying right ; short for right
“you coming to my party rii?”
by amosc: itsjusriya February 15, 2019
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A person named rii is the most desirable person that you can ever meet, they are such a precious thing. They are the best person that you can always talk to!! We all love a Rii in our life, right?!

Rii is a rice eater
Rii is such an amazing person!” Love them ugh
by yuuie puuie March 25, 2022
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dan: how did it go with Jonny last night
kat: It was greatt
dan: Rii lol
by bittytheflake November 4, 2020
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used to replace cool, awesome, tubular etc.
that icecream cone is riis!

scope dat shorties azz, it riis
by boxcrsher January 23, 2004
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