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A ride-along is an arrangement for a civilian to spend a shift in the passenger seat of a police car, observing the work day of a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.
Guy1: "Can I ride along?"

Guy2: "Sure you can come with me"
by k3z May 09, 2014
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When in a bunk bed while another couple has sex above or below you and you begin to masturbate along with their rythem.
My college roommate was banging his girl on the top bunk so I did a ride along and rubbed one out on the bottom bunk.
by Ridiculousrhino February 23, 2017
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A friend that is only there when it's convenient or when things are going well. Someone that doesn't want to help or doesn't know how when times are difficult. The opposite of ride or die.
I asked her to help me move but she said she didn't feel like it. I knew she was that ride along.
by femshepftw June 08, 2016
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When both nipples on a male are pierced and he has a chain connecting them. This is so the female can hold on during sex and 'Ride Along'
Jane was banging the shit out of me while hanging on to my ride along.
by BDaus January 12, 2017
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