a softness of the bones causing great pain
Drink milk so that you have calcium and don;t develop rickets, dude!
by LINDAR June 02, 2006
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1. A run down industrial property that has been re-purposed as a home or gathering place. Word derived from the rickety nature of the structures and the sound of crickets when the project begins.

2. English, Australian slang. A place where undesirables congregate. See ricket, phloid, larrikin
by phloid December 24, 2018
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A Crab

A flu wear'n fool

A dead mothafucker
Blood "I ckapped a fuckin ricket with my glock"

Blood #2 "Fuck it-lets kill the rest!"

by lil blood May 16, 2006
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'Ricket, noun - A mistake (UK Slang)

Drop a 'ricket - To make a mistake (UK Slang)
First recorded use: "It's in the law of averages that if you are chopping all day you must at some time make a 'ricket and chop your hand or something." -Frank Norman, Bang to Rights, p. 29. 1958
by phloid December 24, 2018
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