A man who was singing in the 1980's. He made a real popular song called "Never gonna give you up."

That song was real popular, and was featured in a number of different movies. One example would be the childrens comedy called "Who's in charge here?"
A lot of people thought he sounded black, but he really was a red headed guy.
by lunar shadows January 06, 2005
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an unexpected outcome, a total surprise..

many thought that rick astley was a black vocalist-- but when the music video came out it was a pale redheaded boy.. thus pulling a rick astley
guy 1: yo dude how was the chick last night???
guy 2: she looked mad good on myspace.. but that bitch had a dick!
guy 1: that bitch pulled a rick astley on ur ass!!
guy 2: shit!!
by nori k June 10, 2007
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the best place on the earth, promoting the god of t3h 1nt3rw3bs - Rick Astley.


Rick Astley: I'm never gonna give you up, let you down, run around or desert you, make you cry say goodbye, tell a lie, or hurt you.

sinner: word

THE " church of rick astley "

by ryansaunders March 02, 2009
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If you ask Rick Astley for a copy of 2009's "Up" but he doesn't give it to you because he will never give you up.
But by not doing so, he lets you down, and breaks his second rule.
He has to either give you up, or let you down, which rule will he break?
Guy#1: I asked Rick Astley for "Up" but he didn't give it to me.
Guy#2: So he caused the Rick Astley Paradox!
Guy#3: At least he didn't say goodbye.
by youknow12867 April 14, 2021
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