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This is a phrase used mostly by James May when something (as it inevitably does) goes wrong on Top Gear, often when an amphibious vehicle challenge leaves him spinning in circles or in the drink.
James May: Oh Cock!

<'amphibious' motorcycle falls apart halfway across lake>

Richard Hammond: LOL

Jeremy Clarkson: LOL
by BadAssGirl December 30, 2013

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The shortest presenter currently on Top Gear, Hammond nearly killed himself in the unspoken of crash in 2006, driving a car called The Vampire at around 300mph.

Hammond's nickname is 'Hamster'.

He has also presented other tv shows, such as Richard Hammond's Blast Lab for children, which was televised on BBC & CBBC.

2.) Possibly the best looking guy over 40.
Normal Dude: Hey, do you watch Top Gear?

Awesome Person: yeah omg have you seen Richard Hammond he's amazing & James May is an idiot he falls off stuff & Clarkson is so OBNOXIOUS you know what I mean? I LOVE Top Gear! Its like the best TV show ever what do you think?!?

Normal Dude: Meh...
<walks off>

Awesome Person: Well that was a wasted conversation... :(
by BadAssGirl December 30, 2013

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That awkward moment when you realise & accept that you have a crush on/fancy someone who you reeeeeeaaalllllyy shouldn't, ie a teacher or a member of your best mates' family. Similar to but not the same as crushing on a celebrity... With celebrities it's usually fine, but with teachers...

People experiencing Awkward Infatuation are often between the ages of 11 & 18, & common signs are wanting to impress them, either excessively talkative /shy around them, wanting to always be near or around them, overly looking forward to seeing them & to some extent maybe feeling a certain amount of sexual attraction to said person.

When/if said person finds out (& you usually hope they never do) they may be fine with it but most often they will feel embarrassed & will shun any further contact with you.
Girl: OMG I think i may have an Awkward Infatuation with our French teacher, he is really hot & so funny!

Friend: So that's why you spend so much time around him then. Give the poor guy a break he must be sick of you by now. You practically live in that classroom.

Teacher: ...

by BadAssGirl December 22, 2013

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The Kakapo, a large, nocturnal, flightless parrot endemic to New Zealand which is both tree & ground dwelling. It is in decline & is in great danger of going extinct within the next few decades due to the introduction of unnatural predators into their habitat, such as mustelids (stoats, weasels, ferrets) & cats. Conservationists are trying to protect this amazing & now rare species by dedicating whole islands to the quarantine of the bird. The only island where it can now be found in the wild is Codfish Island, & the species is now classed as critically endangered due to the fact that there are only 126 known living individuals...

singular: Kakapo. plural: Kakapo/Kakapos
If you want to find out some more about Kakapo, i recommend either watching this:
The Unnatural History Of The Kakapo

on youtube, or visiting one of the following sites:

by BadAssGirl January 04, 2014

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Someone who enlightens you, guides you to the fountain of knowledge, who is funny, kind, & will make you laugh, who understands your problems & will try to help you solve them.

The best teacher will help you, guide you, but not force you to do anything. They push you to your limits but not too far, they praise your hard work & yet provide you with constructive criticism to aid your success.

You may experience a certain level of awkward infatuation around these teachers..
Girl: My French teacher is possibly the Best Teacher Ever!

Best Friend: God I swear you have some kind of awkward infatuation with the guy, he's not that great!!!

Teacher: ...

by BadAssGirl December 22, 2013

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That time in your life when Christmas is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Generally starts around 30, & happens mostly in men... Usually wears off after a few decades, which is why some elderly people get excited about Christmas again.
Person: Gawd my dad is a right asshole, he hates Christmas! What's wrong with him?

Person Who Spends Way Too
Much Time On Urban Dictionary: How old is he?

Person: 32, why?

Person Who Spends Way Too
Much Time On Urban Dictionary: He must be in his GrinchHood. Give him a few decades & he'll come round.

Person: ☹ God Dammit.
by BadAssGirl December 31, 2013

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Rattus domesticus is the not commonly used, possibly incorrect scientific term for a domestic/pet rat. Rattus, literally meaning rat, & domesticus, literally meaning domestic. These words come from Latin.
Rattus domesticus= domestic rat
by BadAssGirl December 22, 2013

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