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a hormone disorder resulting in the enlargement of the hands
"Look a those huge fucking Rhone hands"
by Aubrielfqueen November 06, 2008
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Most amazing person I know and will always think is awesome duck anyone for thinking otherwise (he’s not a fungus).
God isn’t Rhone awesome????
by Alsjjdjd June 25, 2018
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An unusually humongous turd. Large in length and diameter.
After eating a whole pizza last night, I cut the biggest rhone this morning. Or. Someone cut a bigass rhone right in the middle of my floor
by Blackbeard78 March 06, 2015
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what the fuck is a rhone you ask???? shesssss fuckkkkiiinngngggggg annnooyyyiiinnnggggg aaassss fffuuuccckckkkkk. she always uses too many letters in her sentences and she never shuts up. she is always talking about the most irrelevant shit in the world. tends to be a whore as well. they are also wildly obsessed with snowboarding. very weird and very annoying, if you ever meet one, keep your distance. SHAWTY IS NOT BAD
Man, did you hear about that girl Stephanie who was giving everyone head?

Yeah, she's a real rhone.
via giphy
by DancingQueen2 October 27, 2016
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