noun- a very good but highly error-prone quarterback. Tends to throw as many interceptions in a game as he does touchdown passes. If he keeps this up, the Bears will not go too far into the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. Don't get me wrong, though- I love the guy to death, but he MUST do better than this.
1.) A 2006 game against the Arizona Cardinals: a pitiful first half performance by Rex Grossman, during which the Cardinals capitalized and got a 20-0 halftime lead. The only things that saved his ass were the Chicago defense, which scored three touchdowns in the second half, and a botched Arizona field goal at the end. Lucky bastard. The Bears barely won 24-23

2.) Another game in 2006 against the Dolphins, who, before the game, were one of the worst teams in the league. Grossman had to have thrown at least three interceptions that game. A terrible performance. The Bears get crushed 31-13

3.) Another 2006 game verse the Patriots. There was less than a minute to go in regulation when Tom Brady throws an interception and the Bears take over with adequate field position. A touchdown on this drive would make Grossman a hero, and what does he do? He throws an interception. Once again, the game is in his hands and he makes a very costly mistake. A sub-par performance for both quarterbacks. The Bears lose 17-13
by Kendrick Winningham December 09, 2006
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AKA Rex Gaysex. Rex Grossman is a horrible quarterback who makes throwing decisions based on what defensive player he thinks is the cutest. When he fumbles, it happens because he is too busy trying to finger olin kruetz asshole and forgets to take the football. Rex Grossman sucks, he takes nothing seriously... except gaysex.
"Rex Grossman is so bad, I can't believe he just made that throw!! My dead grandmother couldve punted the ball more accurately, what a gaysex dickloving queer!!"
by Kyle Orton February 05, 2007
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The starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, who is going to start his second year in the NFL in 2004. He has shown that he can lead the Bears well, and hopefully will keep improving and get da bears back to the super bowl.
Rex Grossman just threw a 80-yard TD pass to Justin Gage!
by Frolicking Bear February 08, 2004
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