Rewa is a name of Indian origin which means: Swift.
Rewa is also another name for the Indian River narmada.
Eg: I love the name Rewa! It's so short and sweet and meaningful, I'll name my daughter Rewa.
by Highafunicorn November 21, 2017
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A gorgeous lady with impeccable style and awesome dance moves. This person has a loud laugh and a boisterous personality.
A simpleton: Gosh, she's so good at dancing.
An intellectual: That's So Rewa.
by She™ November 9, 2019
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,Ocean of secrets ,
Quirky , eccentric ,electric

And on some days calm , cool and cold ❄️
Why are you Rewa ?
by November 23, 2021
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what the gangsters and wiggers call Manurewa (in auckland New Zealand)
'yo g rewa hard'
'nah man rewa crib'
by what bitch what August 18, 2006
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Rewa Bewa is an amazing gal!! She is great with style and loves to hang out with her friends all day any day. Rewa Bewas are usually tall with dark hair and eyes and a good sympathetic heart even if she tries to hide it behind a fun "killer" vibe. She is quick to defend a friend or show up with her opinion. Keep ya Rewa Bewa and you will have a friend forever!!
Taylor: Jeez, that girl is a killer! She is cool though.
Alice: Aw, yeah that's my bestie Rewa Bewa, she is straight awesome!!
by helpful person alpal May 25, 2022
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