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A variation of the blumpkin where one gives oral sex whilst evacuating their bowels, thus utilizing both alpha and omega of the ailimentary canal simultaneously.

Or in laymans terms, when one sucks a cock at the same time they are also beaming Schatner off the Enterprise....the sucker is the crapper.

Note: The money shot should occur at the precise moment of final fecal release, thus synchronizing anal closure with ejaculation.
While his wife was taking her weekly shit, Ulysses whipped out his cock and got a BJ from her at the same time. Ahhhhhh...... she was the only woman he ever knew that would give a reverse blumpkin.

In the 16 hour traffic jam before the Phish show, we observed a woman run into the woods with her boyfriend. The two perched on the steep banking, not hardly out of sight of the headlights, when she pulled down her dress, revealed her stark white ass, and assumed the squatting position. She was squatting too long to merely urinate and was obviously laying serious cable. To our amazement, her head dissappeared into the mans crotch!! Social morays be damned, this was a reverse blumpkin, and the symphony of car horns signalled the glee and elation of the stunned masses.
by Buckingham Green October 28, 2004
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A rare event in which a woman deficates while performing fellatio. Also see blumpkin, brother blumpkin, reverse brother blumpkin
The reason Jason and Darcy are still dating is because he is cool with wipping her ass, but only after she gives him a reverse blumpkin.

The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are about the same as receiving a reverse blumpkin!
by Inuit Dust Commando! October 28, 2004
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1) Like a normal blumpkin, but the girl is taking a shit and giving you a blow-job.
"Man that crazy girl from class wanted me to come in the bathroom while she was shiting so she could give a reverse blumpkin. But I said "no thats nasty!"
by Chris November 17, 2004
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All the other definitions have it wrong. You are all thinking of the Inverted Blumpkin in which the female poops and sucks dick.

The Actual meaning of a Reverse Blumpkin is when the female sits on the toilet and poops while the male is on his hands and knees eating out her pussy.
Girlfriend: Hey I'm taking a shit, come eat me out.

Boyfriend: You want me to give you a Reverse Blumpkin?

Girlfriend: Yes.
by Gundament2 May 29, 2012
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Where a man sitting on the toilet without pants is turned around towards the tank while a woman comes in behind his ass and sucks his dick while he shits and subjects said woman to the splash zone.
I can't believe that girl gave you a reverse blumpkin! Yeah bro I mean I ate Mexican so she got the shits all over her!
by KoreanJesus69 April 13, 2017
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When a girl sucks a guy's dick while he's standing in front of her as she's taking a shit; the opposite of a blumpkin.
I gave my boyfriend his first reverse blumpkin this morning!
by SessyPung423 November 02, 2014
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