The act of shopping as an outlet for frustration and a reliever of stress.
Juju's Retail Therapy session went quite well; she visited the local Sephora for her fix of new eyeshadows, as well as the jewelry cart for a pair of new obnoxious but cute earrings. Nothing beats spending money to forget about your troubles.
by Princess Juju Bunnie February 19, 2004
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it really works! when a girl is bummed out about something, she can go shopping and it makes her feel so so much better
when i had a huge fight with my best friend and he made me really really sad. i asked my mom to take me for some retail therapy
i felt much better
by privacy April 4, 2007
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1. An idiot's way of dealing with an idiotic problem.

2, One of the most moronic notions bestowed upon humankind that simply buying some frivolous mass-produced good can alleviate one's mood or take away a bad feeling caused by a REAL problem, when in fact buying some random product will do nothing about the actual problem but MAY induce an hour's worth of distraction which is enough for people who have the attention span and memory of a chipmunk.
1. Omg, like my friend totally didn't text me back and I've been waiting for 2 minutes!! I'm totally gunna go to the mall and blow up my credit card now to ease this PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. FML!!!

2. Omg!! I just found out I have a Sexually Transmitted Disease and it's like sooooOOoo gross. I need some retail therapy!!! *30 min. later* This dress is so cute... why was I upset again??
by hoopladoopla December 23, 2010
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an excuse for people mostly female to go shopping when they're feeling bad, when in reality their bad feelings could be released/treated in other ways.
mandie went to the mall for a little retail therapy the day after matt dumped her.
by matt November 30, 2004
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Intensive shopping for nothing in particular than can lead to large credit card bills and inevitably immense debt or loss of property.
My girlfriend went for some retail therapy the other day because her best mate called her fat and now we have a £3000 credit card bill and can't pay our mortgage.
by Jamie Churchard January 3, 2006
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the act of getting rid of stress by shopping
- I think I failed that math test!
- Me too!
- We should get retail therapy
- On it
by shoppah September 24, 2011
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