Aussie slang for Restore or Restoration. Used in reference to Ol' skool muscle cars being restored back to original condition.
Some fine examples of aussie restos include Ford GT-HOs, Ford RPO083 GTs, Chrysler Chargers, Holden Toranas and Moranos. Some fine examples of yankee restos include Cheverlot Camaros, Ford Mustangs, Plymouth Barracudas, Dodge Chargers and Challengers.
by Ricco Chico February 23, 2008
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You could say oh hey mate your gonna get resto tonight by the chick
by Snoop on my poop 69 June 1, 2020
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Dude, let's go the resto across the street for dinner. They have smoking waitresses.
by ajhope May 31, 2011
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A kid that will get over (1k followers) on all apps and has pet frogs
by DaRealResto June 28, 2020
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A trendy upscale bar and lounge that offers fusion cuisine, usually tapas-style small plates, in addition to highly stylized specialty drinks.
"The new hungarian resto-lounge down on 35th street is the new hotspot for foodies and hipsters alike."
by City Girl Cooks April 14, 2008
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A expression used within World of Warcraft that refers to a Restoration Druid's controversial ability to instantly achieve full health by casting a combination of spells.
<player1>: that druid was all low on health and then resto presto she was at full health again
<player2>: wtf haxx
by ihearthatguy November 6, 2008
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