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He dey use ein new lambo resh the shoddies
by Laaawwwd April 21, 2021
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When something is so cool/awesome there are no words to explain it
Yoo dude that's so Resh

Dude you are so Resh

Snaps would be so Resh right now
by Doggyium May 6, 2015
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That one pervy guy who gets too drunk and acts inappropriate (gets his dick out) but you still keep him around because it’s pure comedy gold to rip the shit out of him.
Fuck sake Resh.
Resh, you have the absolute audacity.
Resh you cunt.
by 3HBR November 9, 2018
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To lay in bed and play with your butt-hole hairs.
Laying in bed while vigorously fiddling the coarse hairs around his anus, Seth suddenly realized that he had missed work release. Seth continued to resh.
by Haptic_phaneron October 17, 2013
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Jackie - Dude, your really fat!
Michael - Yeah. I'm starting to become a Reshed.
Jackie - Oh, I'm sorry dude.
by Honey Sprouse February 5, 2012
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Originating from the word depression, depressing. Usually used to describe a sad or depressing person or situation.
Jimmy: "What's up Mike?"
Mike: "I just watched 5 straight episodes of COPS"
Jimmy: "Dude, that's fuckin' resh"
by Lafferty Daniel April 20, 2007
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kind of like fresh, but way cooler.
his last album was so resh!
by throatpunches January 28, 2004
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