A right-wing political party in the United States of America.
Dedicated to stopping terrorism and protecting our freedom.

Despite what many people are told by wacky liberals, the Republican party are not fascists or war-mongers.

In short, the Republican party is the best damn political party in the world.
Normal person: I'm voting the Republican Party in this years election

Wacky liberal: No! Give Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda a chance! Vote the Democrats! Now, will you excuse me while I go and smoke weed and kill babies
by Bad_T_747 May 20, 2008
A political party in the United States, which is the only party that upholds the Constitution, fights corruption in the government, defends the Republic from enemies who desire to destroy said Republic, and who desire that the American dream be maintained, both economically and morally..
A member of the Republican Party

A good citizen of these United States...

Thank God that we have a good Republican who shall reform the government, uphold the law, and defend the Republic, unlike the Democrats, who are only interested in screwing the good citizens of these United States out of billions of dollars, who emphasize the murder of the unborn, who care less for moral responsibility, and the deity which hath created this world than their political career...

One that loves his or her country...
by Yankee1776 June 25, 2009
Where Democracy has been led to die.
Hey man, do you feel like we are getting fucked out of our democracy?

Yes, the Republican party is committed to seeing it die.

Wow, that sucks. What can I do to stop that from happening?

Vote motherfucker.
by LastTryPseudonym April 22, 2019
One of the two major political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party. It was founded by the great Abraham Lincoln, but is now the cult of President Trump.

They believe in gun rights, patriotism, lower taxes, a free market and closed borders. Also, a lot of them are white, men, don't have a college degree, are evangelical Christians or live in rural areas, or a combination of these factors.
Person 1: I don't really believe in God...
Member of The Republican Party: Omg! How could you say hat! That's so evil! Abortion is murder! You snowflake!
by thecrazycatten March 28, 2020
An asshole organization that failed America at every turn. Filled with self-promoting bullshiters. If you combined the entire party you would find only 50 dollars worth of contributions genuinely done for the American people.
The Republican Party is the saddest and most evil joke and failure of a political party.
A social event when a group of left wing individuals congregate, dress in a manner that is befitting right wing conservatives and then procede to mock the right wing political party.Often students will make up a new name for the evening. These events tend to be popular at liberal colleges and universities.
The republican parties at Earlham college feature otherwise progressive, liberal students dressed as waspy, conservatives and adapting new names for the evening such as Vera Withford or Charles Edmund Skylir IV.
by M Rice October 4, 2006
A tired meme at the Something Awful forums (and perhaps elsewhere on the internet). Initially it was the funny concluding line of a joke; since then, it has been broadened to be used as a corny punchline for other jokes, and has broadened even further to be added as an addendum to message board posts FOR NO BLOODY REASON (as parasitic memes tend to do)
Used correctly: end of original joke (look it up)
"Why should her laziness and irresponsibility be rewarded with half of what I've worked for?" The father slowly smiled and said, "Welcome to the Republican Party"

Used annoyingly:
Knock knock
Welcome to the Republican Party!

Used normally:
Hey I was just watching the tv and OMG WELCOME THE REPUBLICAN PARTY LOLOL
by hiddenattacker January 21, 2009