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1. What's wrong with Murica
2. An individual who believes that the white male Christian God should be the only object of worship on the planet, that power and wealth should remain in the hands of 1% of the world's population while the remaining 99% starve, that health care should be privatized so the poor can't afford basic medication, that a rape victim living on welfare should be forced to care for a baby she didn't even ask for, and that America is the only real country on Earth while all those other countries they read about are just fakes invented by communists...oh wait, it's terrorists now, isn't it?
See those dumbass hypocrites? Those are stupid Repubelicans
by Viceryder November 26, 2014
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Same as a Republican, but with the word "pube" in the middle. Applies to all Republicans.
That man is a true Repubelican; he supports the death penalty but is pro-life.
by Weezerbeezy March 01, 2007
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