Shift change is when someone switches up to a cop, or changes shift when working, someone who snitches and breaks loyalty or when a nigga gay in jail and tells his gf at home it's shift change.
by Somewhereovertherainbowbruh April 16, 2021
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A term used mostly in law enforcement and in some Movies like Training Day when all officers, meter maids, and government assassins etc. Get together for their daily cum chugging championship at the police station. They always say "HELL YE$" there nothing as exciting and fullfilling other than a HOT load from my fellow sperm guzzling brothers.Forcefully blasted deep down my throat after a long day of being a homo, morbidly obese,and killing baby kittens, but mostly just sleeping and eating. The manditory stalking of innocent citizens is exhausting and they like to boast and show them rowdy high schoolers just how a psychotic, and bad ass mutherfucker can suck a man's penis.
Jay the redneck, Man is it time for lunch , those cock suckers are shooting in the air and driving 100mph torward the station..
Harrased yeetnigga. Shift Change Bitch!
by Sgt badmuthfer June 17, 2022
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