Remzi is a name only picked for the Gods, King and all who rule the world. King of Kings. Only he himself knows immortality...
Look "oh my Remzi" that is a beutiful picture... . "Remzi almighty" that car is fast as hell. . I won I am "Remzi"
by Macalb88 January 26, 2016
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Derived from the latin word, remziatus, meaning lover of same gender.

adj. Homosexual, gay, fiery, gingery, retarded, spunky.

See also: faggot, bizzare, unattractive.

v. To remzi: The act of of one person openly expressing love towards another man, or, the act of one exhibiting retarded traits, such as weak comebacks, and racial and nationalistic profiling. The act of two men engaging in sexual intercourse.

n. A homosexual person or someone who is usually found around men.
adj. Dude that's so remzi, this exercise is gay.

v. I saw two guy remziing in the park last saturday, it was so nasty.

n. Look at that remzi and his boyfriends.
by ArabandScotsman February 08, 2011
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