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1. Someone telling on you, like a snitch pejorative term for an informant.
2. To make aware of
"I'm so high I can't go home"
"your eyes are red, that's bait out!"
"that girl said I'm a player to her firends, she is so bait out"
by _lyf May 27, 2010
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an expression used to signify getting caught, found out, or being blatantly obvious.

Can be used in many various contexts

Opposite of stealth, sneaky, secretive, discrete.
D: Yo lets thief the ice from the cooler behind the corner store
P: Nah b, the garbage man is back there, bait out!

Client: So where we meeting up? At the Cawthra Timmies?
Dealer: Hell no, bait out! The pigs always chill there.

bait out in context as a verb: "Yo, why the fuck did you tell those girls we went out last night? You baited me out! I told them I was sick!"
by kubesicle October 27, 2010
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When you tap someone on the shoulder or yell out their name and pretend you didn't do it
Me: *tap tap
WIlson: *turn and looks around
Me: Bait Out BUTCH
by Adrian April 01, 2005
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When something is overused to the extent that is annoying
Ronny: do you like despacito
Toddy: no, that song is bait out
by Prison rappee August 01, 2018
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