Something that is easy to remember. Different from memorable, which means something _worth_ remembering.
Girl: What did you have for lunch?
Boy: The normal stuff.
Girl: Wow! How rememberable!
by saheel1511 February 18, 2013
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"You know that party we went to last week, I was so out of it but I found it a rememberable experience!"
by T!n_j@M July 27, 2008
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Shannon : hey, you ever had a really good memory that you always wanted to remember?
Steve: umm...sure, I guess. Why?
Shannon: I came up with a easier word for it.
Steve: yea? What's that?
Shannon: rememberable
Steve: ........ *facepalms*
by But for why February 23, 2013
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to remember and memorize at the same time.
i'm trying to rememberize what the test in spanish is on tomorrow.
by jamie nicole February 25, 2008
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The action of both remembering AND memorizing, the result of which permanently fuses an idea, fact, etc, into the brain of the rememberizer. Common in students, geniuses, and Trekkies.
When my friend discovered that her house was, in fact, haunted, she couldn't call the Ghost Busters because she neglected to rememberize their telephone number.
by sovietmax July 17, 2009
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Combination of the word remind and memorable....

To remind and at the same time be memorable
Alika: Hey, whats some people you knw from your old school

Ben: Dunno they didnt make themselves rememberal enough
by Ben MKL April 16, 2009
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The process of memorizing and integrating facts and information with an ease of recollection at a later date.
Man... I'm really glad I rememberized that encryption algorithm.
by That Nick Guy October 25, 2005
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