The action of both remembering AND memorizing, the result of which permanently fuses an idea, fact, etc, into the brain of the rememberizer. Common in students, geniuses, and Trekkies.
When my friend discovered that her house was, in fact, haunted, she couldn't call the Ghost Busters because she neglected to rememberize their telephone number.
by sovietmax July 17, 2009
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The process of memorizing and integrating facts and information with an ease of recollection at a later date.
Man... I'm really glad I rememberized that encryption algorithm.
by That Nick Guy October 25, 2005
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combo of remember and memorize. Sometimes if you're being shitty and drunk you will mash these words together on accident.... cuz your ratchet
lallalalalalsklsddslafnauiegjkhr rememberize
by your.so.extra June 12, 2012
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Rememberize is a version of the word remember, that is frequently used when getting high with friends.
Roberto: Why haven't we taken our shoes off yet?
Gertrude: Why are we still in here?!
Roberto: We were supposed to go get high with friends!
Gertrude: You were supposed to call someone!
Roberto: You didn't call anyone either.
Gertrude: I'm not the one with the phone!
Roberto: You had my phone this whole time!
Gertrude: Well I don't want to go through your shit.
Roberto: You can dial numbers!
Gertrude: Well I can't rememberize numbers.
by BallsDeepMcgee January 25, 2013
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To intently remember, and mesmerize others with your tales of intense rememberance.
Sonne reads his books, and will rememberize each part of the story and create a vivid image.
by Chrizilla October 23, 2008
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