An adjective used to describe something dead cool and classic. In fact if someone describes you as rembrandt, then you have made it in life.
by a class act June 12, 2009
Rembrandt, Dutch Renaissance artist cir. 1600 known for his usage of light and shading, was a sexy piece of ass.
'Look at the shading on /that/ ass, yo'

'fo real'
by Dane April 17, 2005
Used pejoratively, the term "Rembrandt" can be applied to any lecherous individual over 40 with pedophilic predilections of any sort.

The term was originated in Germany in the early 2000s in reference to a highly suspicious park-dweller in Bonn who accosted a group of schoolchildren inviting them to a "night walk" with lanterns. The individual wore an ornate leather hat not unlike those in Rembrandt's famous painting "The Night Watchman."

The term can also be used more playfully to designate any individual (almost always male) guilty of ogling women under 18.
That guy over there is a Rembrandt. I'd keep your kids away from him at all costs.
by Doctor Max July 28, 2012
Word used to describe somebody who is particularly good at graffiti art. Taken from the graffiti artist in The Warrior who is nicknamed Rembrandt.
"Did you see that picture of a dog someone sprayed on the chip shop wall?"
"Yeah, the guys a proper Rembrandt!"
by Swizzlestick November 13, 2007
On June 15th 1985, a Lithuanian man entered the Hermitage museum in Leningrad, and approached Rembrandt's 1636 painting "Danae". He slashed and stabbed at the ancient canvas twice, then tossed a bottle of sulfuric acid at it. This event is referenced in the phrase "a burning rebrandt". Though acid was used to burn this painting away, anything that burns in anyway may be remarked upon as being a burning rembrandt, or as burning like a rembrandt.
"My bacon was burnt like a rembrandt"
"That warehouse is burning like a rembrandt!"
by James February 22, 2005
An mentally unstable artist who is especially talented, but due to his chosen medium (i.e. feces) will never be widely observed.
"Think of how many loonies will never be recognized because their art is made of blood and feces and is less enjoyable because of it. So many fecal-Rembrandts will die in obscurity." - singasongofsixpins
by DESIGNATION UNKNOWN January 6, 2014