Former capital of Germany. Had to give up the status for Berlin when Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic were reunited. Lies with the infamous seven hills from snow white. Romans called it "castra bonnensia".
Bonn, the little captital for a break.
- F. Küppersbusch
by Pags2k January 1, 2011
A Bonn a very handsome and attractive Asian "man" yes a MAN. He is extremely smart, kind and wise. He is also extremely good in bed just gonna putting that out there and did I say smart? I hope I did because that's literally the definition of what a Bonn is. Bonn is a very funny person and the type of person every man should aspire to be like, I know I would!!. Bonn has brown beautiful eyes just to die for his collarbones are hot just saying hubba hubba hhhhhhh. Bonn as you may now know by now, quite the catch.
Like DAMN this guy is perfect he's such a Bonn!!!
by Doodles3 March 21, 2022
Bonn derives from the word 'bint'. It became 'Bonn' when some people pronounced the 'i' in bint like an 'o'. it has since then evolved into BONN.

(it is also the last name of Terri Bonn)
Some random : 'Look at this! I can jump off this and live!'

*he falls, breaking his legs*

Me : 'Oh, you really are a Bonn'
by Jake Neale February 23, 2005
French slang To qualifie a hot girl

terme employé pour definir une femme pulpeuse ou tout simplement aux formes attractive.
" putain qu'est ce qu'elle est bonne"

damn she is hot
by maayaane November 9, 2017
it means a respected group that brings peace and harmony to the world (unless thers a sam around)
the gheTTo boNNes saw a sam and kicked his ass
by pam April 1, 2003
Having sexual intercourse without the use of a condom.
Did he use a condom to avoid catching an STD? No, he did her "Bonn Style"
by Culo Cabron March 20, 2009