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Used primarily as an adjective, kaufmann describes an overweening ambition and an eagerness to embrace high risks, whether in the realm of finance, dating, or personal relations. Kaufmann individuals are unafraid of negative consequences and often thrust forward into risky situations with the motto "no guts, no glory."

The term derives from an eponymous mutual fund known for its embrace of risk and its slogan "tough guys finish first."
It would be extremely kaufmann of you to go up to that girl and tell her you'd like to buy her a lollipop.
by Doctor Max July 28, 2012
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Used pejoratively, the term "Rembrandt" can be applied to any lecherous individual over 40 with pedophilic predilections of any sort.

The term was originated in Germany in the early 2000s in reference to a highly suspicious park-dweller in Bonn who accosted a group of schoolchildren inviting them to a "night walk" with lanterns. The individual wore an ornate leather hat not unlike those in Rembrandt's famous painting "The Night Watchman."

The term can also be used more playfully to designate any individual (almost always male) guilty of ogling women under 18.
That guy over there is a Rembrandt. I'd keep your kids away from him at all costs.
by Doctor Max July 28, 2012
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An Olerud Offense applies stricto sensu to football but it can be broadened to include a variety of other sports, both real and virtual.

The Olerud Offense was derived from the madcap antics of the baseball great John Olerud. Just as the adjective Olerud implies a zany unpredictability, the Olerud Offense is characterized by its maverick formations and headlong playcalling. The term was coined in the early 1990s during one of Houston's famous living room Tecmo tournaments.

One prominent feature of the Olerud Offense is the flea-flicker; another is the so-called 100-yard-pass play, made most famous in Super Tecmo by QB Eagles.
This guy runs an Olerud Offense so watch the fudge out!!
by Doctor Max August 2, 2012
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