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One of the more resilient enemies of Resident Evil 4. Created by injecting multiple parasites into a single human, they are nigh-impervious to gunfire, regrowing any lost limb seconds after they are severed.

In order to defeat one without pumping a dozen cases of shotgun shells or a few boxes of magnum rounds into it is to equip the semi-automatic rifle with the thermal scope and pick off all parasites under the skin of the offending Plagas motel.
"I tried blowing it's legs off, but it just flung itself at me! WTF?!"
"It's a regenerator, n00b. Lol."
by Turkish ET April 22, 2006
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This brute, abnormality can be found in Resident Evil 4. It is amoung one of the most challenging enemies in the game that is not a boss. It is able to regenerate lost limbs from weapons used by Leon, and by far the most intimidating, shocking creature. The most efficiant way to annihilate Regenerators, is to use an Infrared attachment that can be found in the lab.There is also another cast of Regenerator called the'Iron Maiden' It has erect spikes from its carcass, and can prolongate its arms, and impale Leon if caught.
"OMG, KILL THAT FREAKY BASTARD!" Is a quote usually uttered by me and many others when encountered by Regenerators.
by (*ALEX*) February 24, 2006
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The scariest enemy you'll meet in Resident Evil 4.

There is also a sub-species called the 'Iron Maiden' which has spikes.

You can tell when one is coming by their ragged laughing breath.

Can only be killed with a rifle rigged with a thermal scope.
This dude: Holy shite man did you see that thing? It was all laughing at me, man! Dude, I'm fucking freaked out right now.

That dude: I know man! Here, give me the controller, I'll kill it! Goddamn Regenerator bit my head off! DAMN!
by Shuxxa July 17, 2008
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