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A hit-single (well, sort of,) by rapper Sage the Gemini. It's actually really catchy after it sinks in. Also, there is a dance to it (and although it's controversial, I'd rather see a party girl do it than a little kid, because that's just really bad and wrong for them to know how to do such a promiscuous dance.) Red Nose is essentially referring to a girl shaking her plump ass the way a pitbull shakes its body (after getting wet, etc.) and preferably, he names a red nose pitbull (any form of pittie with a pink or, "red" nose.) Sage is actually really fine, too! I think it's the eyes...
And she gon' shake it, like a red nose, like-like-like a- like a red nose.

My personal favorite part: I told her shake it like a red nose pitbull, and I'mma keep on throwing money till your bank full.

Yes, I do love pitbulls; don't bully my breed! :D
by Cole's Angel October 01, 2013
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1) A red nose American pit bull terrier

2) A way to shake like, as red nose American bit bulls shake when biting down on an object (rope, bone, etc.)
In the song by Sage The Gemini, Red Nose, the chorus describes a woman that will shake it like a red nose, later a verse clarifies "shake it like a red nose pit bull." Red Nose Pits are known for their energetic character when they bite, and they shake what they're biting down on, like a rope, bone, toy, etc. The song is comparing it to the way a woman shakes her ass.
by thecoolaablangata September 01, 2013
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The rap song is referring to a breed of pit bull called a red nose.
Shake it like a red nose (in other words, shake violently)
by chuzzer August 04, 2013
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When people don't talk to you any more the way they used to, or no one wants to hang out with you. You're like an outcast.
"People act a different way with me
I feel don't nobody wanna play with me
And that's ill cause they treat me like a stain on their clothes
The industry are my foes
They treat me like I got a red nose, red nose, red nose
They put me down
And treat me like I got a red nose, red nose, red nose" - Tech N9ne
by yeeeeebaby June 03, 2009
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show us your red nose -Ali G
by Sam April 29, 2004
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The act of eating a girl out while she is on her period
Look he just got Red nosed
by Alien3 February 06, 2017
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