An omen of doom... it shows that your xbox360 just kicked the bucket
WTF!? Noooooooooooooooooooo, my xbox, damn you red ring of death, now I can't play fable 2.
by Jonno8825 January 01, 2009
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The state of your poo shute after having intense anal sex. This can cause intense pain when shitting and even anal periods
"Johnny last night was crazy"
"Yeah you really gave me a red ring of death"
by Epicgamerhot64 June 05, 2019
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its when your 360 plays with your emotions!!! when you turn it on expecting to kill some noobs in modern warfare 2 just to look up and see the red ring of death which indicates microsoft has just fucked u for 200 bucks cause now it is nothing more then a paperweight it's done its dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hateroner on phone:what up my nigga

friend:chillin bout to roll up some haze playing mw2 u??
hateroner: word!!! imma hop on now!!!!

(3 seconds later)
Hateroner: Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!!! u 360!!!!!!!!
friend: dawg whats up????
Hateroner: nigga i just got the red ring of death

Hateroner:not fucking funny i knew i should have bought a ps3
by Hateroner July 24, 2010
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What happens when your xbox 360 messes up
The usually green rings that surround the power button, turn red.
I was playing madden 07 on my 360, then all of a sudden my screen cut off and I saw the red rings of death, i was freaking out.
by Ima Moron September 08, 2006
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Microsoft's way of saying, "Your 360 is offically fucked"
"Dude my 360 got the Red Rings of Death"
"Well your fucked"
by Rrod box July 10, 2008
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A form of error message on the Xbox 360. The Red Ring of Death replaces the Ring of Light, the green circle surrounded the power button. The red lights indicate a sort of error message and the number of lights and placement of them mean different things. The worst would be three lights flashing, with the top-right not illuminated. In this situation, it means the 360 is suffering hardware failure.

Comparable to the Blue Screen of Death.
Not the red ring of death! Crud, according to the online instructions I need to send my 360 in for repairs.
by Ben L. May 23, 2007
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Red circle that covers 3 lights around the power button on an Xbox 360 that signifies that the system has overheated and must be shipped to Microsoft. In other words, go commit suicide.
I just pwned some guy in halo 3 and next thing I know, red rings of death
by koolaid1994 April 01, 2010
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