The three lights are a fictional band from sailor moon which provide many amazing bops such as search for your love, my friend's love, chasin' after you, chikara wo awasete, mayonaka hitori and one sided love across the galaxy.

They are also the subject of unneeded hate in the fandom due to many reasons and also the subject of many unnecessary questions about their gender thanks to the anime producers deciding to make their civilian forms men then they transform into women when they are in their senshi forms (sailor starlights) despite Naoko Takeuchi's wishes to make them remain women cross-dressing as men.
we stan the three lights!

i'm looking forward to going to the three lights concert
by saaaaailor-exe April 27, 2019
When the three lights on your X-box 360 all light up it signifies that your fucked. Your 360 is all fucked up.
Guy 1:I got the X-box 360 and when I put in a game I got the three lights of death.My X-box isnt under warranty anymore either.
Guy 2: That sucks. I guess you'll just have to pull another 400$ out of your ass to feed into the evil capitalist empire we call Microsoft.
Guy 1: Guess so...
by Peter Townsend September 6, 2006
The Xbox360's equivelent of the Blue Screen of Death. Basically, your 360 is fucked.
"I just got the Three Red Lights!


by Micellaneous Man October 9, 2006