A Red Room is basically a livestream on the deep/dark web where dark web criminals will take people that they have kidnapped and kill them on camera. They amass large audiences of dark webbers who are either curious or are into murder/snuff porn. The audience will open polls in the chat box and decide what should be done with said individual. The victims are usually murdered in horrific fashion. By saws, cutting, torture, ect.

(I personally have never been to a red room and never will, I just know a friend who has)
Anon 1- “Did you use tor yesterday?”

Anon 2- “Yeah, and I went to a couple red rooms

Anon 1- “Dude, you’re messed up
by The guy that thinks May 18, 2020
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A room that most deep web people die in. Usually full of torture equipment and blood everywhere. Beware of deep web websites while on the internet.
The deep web holds the red room, beware that room.
by KillerMusheen November 22, 2016
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The MOST messed up Japanese flash animation


2 boys discuss an internet urban legend of a mysterious pop up ad with an unusually adorable voice saying the words "Do you like...?" and it is said that anyone that dares to close this pop up would die of a horrible death. One of the boys is doubtful and did some investigation; after searching the web and finding nothing, the boy gives up and surfed a different site. Then suddenly a pop up ad showed up with an unusually adorable voice saying (in Japanese) "Do you like...?". The boy then proceeds to close the ad, only to have it repeatedly reappear and then the voice said "Do you like red?" in an more adorable voice than before. The boy then continues to attempt to close the pop up (in vain). Finally the voice became even more adorable than before said "Do you like red room?", then a website with a list of dead people appears, the main character notices that his friend's name is at the bottom of the list. Suddenly a pair of hands appear and grabs the boy. The next day rumors spread that two boys had apparently committed suicide after painting their rooms red with their own blood, we then return to boy's computer, still on the website of with a list of dead people we the addition of the boy's name on it at the bottom of the list. The computer then shuts off with an eerie sound.

go to wikipedia and look up red room (animation) for the video
Don't close that pop up or else you'll be seeing red room or some other horrible things...
by extreme133 August 16, 2010
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A room with red walls where you take a partner to tie them up and fuck them dirty. Whips, chains and ball gags galore. Usually hidden behind a bookcase.
Let me take you to my red room and fuck you till you scream.
by BeezKneez90 May 7, 2016
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a place where one can preform certain sexual activities
Joe, Meet me in The Red Room close the door and dim the lights. I will be yours truly if indeed the price is right.
by angelbaby77 January 13, 2005
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A Dark Net Room shown as examples in a few games.
Don't visit a Red Room.
by JOBNED1 January 16, 2017
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A room with a red light where anything can go
Yo son i took this bitch to the red room and got alot of cutty
by 142 Rosewood September 3, 2008
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