The effect of a sun burn with parts of abdominal fat concealed , so that when you stand up your stomach appears to be covered in red ribbons.
Marshall: Man! My dad is such a dope!
Travis: Gee , Why?
Marshall: He fell asleep again on the beach and now he's covered in red ribbons.
by Modifier September 02, 2013
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a ribbon to symbolize a girl is on her period. It is visibly worn on her clothing. Stay away, or give her chocolate (:
Kenzie: OMG I like, need a like, red ribbon!
Lydia: OMG ME 2.
by SecretBunnyAgent(: February 04, 2011
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The act of screwing the fuck otta someone when there on their period.
billy:i dont wanna fuck u!!!
kim:why not?
billy:im not tryin to earn my red ribbon today!!!
by adam j wead August 11, 2007
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The Red Ribbon Army is an army in the dragonball series, dedicated to finding the dragonballs and taking over the world. Initially, it is assumed that the red ribbon army's commander, commander red, was going to use the dragonballs to take over the world, however he has his own selfish ambitions and wants to be tall as a mountain, to overcome his short size. His subordinate Colonel Black, after hearing this, turns on the commander and shoots him in the head.
Dr. Gero worked behind the scenes after the army's defeat, and created Android 17, Android 18, and Cell, for the purpose of taking revenge.

The Red Ribbon Army is annihilated by Goku while searching for the dragonballs to revive Upa's father, Bora.
by kyle.biddle January 13, 2011
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something a guy gets when he goes down on a girl when she is on her red ribbon.
girl: you just earned you red ribbon

guy: mmmm, it makes it sweeter
by Misty Dawson September 02, 2006
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When you decide to go bareback on a chick who is on her period. Just after you cum and pull out, that little bit of stringy cum is still attached to your dick is covered in blood, resembling a thin red ribbon.
Casey found himself both repulsed and excited when he saw the red ribbon on his cotton sheets.
by Pteradactyl11 January 05, 2012
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