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The best character in Dragon Ball Super with out a doubt and the MVP of the Tournament of Power. 17 is a savage who was the first character to damage the Alpha known as Jiren and then Processed to give his life in a self-destruction attack to save the lives of Goku and Vegeta. Honestly without him the final arc of Super would have been shit so everyone bow down too our new god
Person 1: how sure are you you'll be able too win this boxing match?
Person 2: As sure as the fact that Android 17 is the best character in Super
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by DBStard March 04, 2018
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From the dragonball universe, Android 17 is Android 18's twin brother. They were created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, the one responsible for the fall of the Red Ribbon Army, and to make his last creation, Cell, reach his full potential by absorbing them through his tail.
Android 17 and 18 were designed to make Cell perfect.
by kyle.biddle January 13, 2011
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