A word that is used after a person who gave a witty comeback or a burn.
Student 1: "Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?"

Student 2: "Couldn’t help it. One look at you and I started to vomit."

Others: "ohhhhhh!!!! Recycled!!!!!!!"
by SoudertonSlang May 6, 2015
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A word to describe someone as being fake, trashy (but not overly trashy), overused, waste, and/or unoriginal
Sarah: Lizzie do you see Beth over there?
Lizzie: Ugh. Yes that bitch is so recycled
by Minnesnowtalady January 5, 2015
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Recycler is the one who recycles and doesn't waste usable stuff, or disclaimer the person who has a manic obsession with riding a bicycle, also known as recyclist.
"Who is the celebrity number one when it comes to hardcore recycler?"
"How about Elton John, you know that little faggot who recycled his tribute song for a dead blonde by rewriting the lyrics in honor of another dead blonde a quarter century later."
by O. W. Tongueincheek June 13, 2023
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When a man busts a load into his own mouth and swallows it. This is achieved by aiming your load into your own mouth via any means possible. If you have bad aim then just clean your hand off with your mouth.
The hippie hated being wasteful so he performed a recycler after jacking off and swallowed his own load.
by Mi Yung September 8, 2008
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to take and break down what's already been used and then make it into something else that appears brand new.
it's for you.
by etchasketch January 6, 2004
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Having sex with exes in order to keep your partner count down.
Tarah: Did you hear about Tiela? She's going out with Pablo again.
Alli: No, she's just recycling him until the end of winter. Or until she gets a new boyfriend. Whatever comes first.
by Teerish December 18, 2007
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A concept outside America that is used commonly as a slogan among enviromentalists, some politicians and the like. Recycling is when someone takes used paper, tin cans, milk jugs and the like to a recycling bin so it can be cruched down by machines to be a new product. However a few of the posters here tend to use it as a sex term. And oh a decent source of cash if you need that few extra cents.
Jerry stole the bottles in the recycle bin in his school and traded it off at the recycling center so he could get a few extra dollars.
by derek October 30, 2005
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