A sex position in which the person sits on another's penis whilst spinning around repeatedly.
"I've never tried the Record Player until I met Jessica. That was a crazy night."
by The Nutmaster February 21, 2017
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Something that Sleepy Joe 'braindead' Biden thinks parents should have on at night so kids can 'hear words.' It is unclear however if this is actually a good idea, since Joe didn't seem to know what the hell he wanted to say (as usual) and was confused between the record player, the radio, the television and even the phone!
Joe 'braindead' Biden: Play the radio! Make sure the television the-the excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the the the phone, make sure the kids hear words!

Normal person: you're a fucking retard, Trump won anyway.
by Icy Wyte July 21, 2022
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when your in the movies and a dumb bitch is not giving what you came for you slowly move her hand right on top of your penis and she will do the rest.if she moves her hand away just dont talk to her for awile she see whos boss.
yo broske, i was at the movies with my bitch and i pulled the record player, she movied her hand back so i slaped her.
by Chris Calandra March 30, 2005
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Absolutely the best thing to put on a record playing in reverse as a backwards Satanic message.
As Mephiroth spun the turntable of his record player backwards, he could hear the luciferan chanting...you are going to ruin your record player needle...you are going to ruin your record player needle...
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Resembles the phrase "Sit and Spin." A female lays down tongue out while a man spreads apart his buttocks and proceeds to sit on the tongue. Once he finds himself in a confortable position he begins to spin like a record on a record player.
by Buttmaster April 1, 2003
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