A pathetic excuse for the President of the United States. Sleepy Joe has made a mess of our Country, and has little to no value to offer in American Politics.
Person 1: Crap, Sleepy Joe is messing around with Russia and Ukraine!

Person 2: UGH, hasn't he done enough? I Mean he created a border crisis, ruined our economy, Killed 13 Service Members, Left thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, Destroyed Millions of American jobs, and the price of gas is SO FREAKING HIGH!!!

Person 1: IKR, well I guess all we can do is wait for the Civil War and keep chanting "Let's Go Brandon!"
by big _brain_me January 25, 2022
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Look at your gas prices guys!
You voted for em!

He Divided the country, Lawlessness in the streets and even Left American Citizens Over in Afgan! And sadly MORE people have died under Bidens regime then Under Trumps Presidency.
jackass 1: Man! these gas prices are shit!
Actual Person: Well maybe you shouldn't have voted for sleepy joe you dumbass!
jackass 2: WOW You're so racist I can't believe you're raising your voice you White supremist piece of shit!
Actual Person: Okay Buddy...
by LoserVilletm December 18, 2021
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Aka the good olChild Sniffer” or “Kid Sniffer
sleepy joe 👃🏻👧🏼Joe Biden hates niggers
by Adolf Bin Un July 15, 2021
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A nickname for Joe Biden. The name originates from the fact that Biden tends to not remember anything and get confused during interviews, thus making him look like he's about to fall asleep all of the time.
Guy 1: Hey, who is that guy on the TV?
Guy 2: Oh, that's just Sleepy Joe doing an interview on CNN.
by rose_landd December 17, 2020
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Joe Biden. The biggest idiot the world has ever met. Can't stay awake long enough to do a report. He falls off the stairs all the time. Oh no, his ADHD medicine wore off, and oh no there goes his melatonin kicking in. Can we get applause for the best president ever, DONALD J TRUMP! Thank you
Person 1: Oh did you see sleepy joe on the debate?
Person 2: Yes!! He fell asleep so many times, he is such a jerk!
by Mcs918 September 26, 2021
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Nickname of a con artist who has dementia, doesn't have any friends, and, is a serial child soul sniffer who loves to lie to to get his kids rich. Extremely unlikeable, and looks like a male version of Nancy Pelosi. would be happy to turn the USA into a socialist shithole …just like California
Hey man, that antifa sissy just asked if someone could drop him off at his mom's basement to get his 'vote for Sleepy Joe' shield. What a Loser, is he sniffing that fat guy's hair?
by Texas_Patriot January 22, 2021
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Something Donald Trump calls his political rival Joe Biden to make his supporters think that Biden is mentally incapable of holding office due to his age and his stutter. However, if Joe is president, we will all be able to sleep soundly again.
Trump supporter: Sleepy Joe Biden has dementia
Normal person: No he doesn't, also Ronald Reagan had dementia.
Trump supporter: I - uh- no.... TRUMP 2020
Normal Person: Fucking idiot
by real_deal_steel_69 September 10, 2020
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