When you disrespect someone and they in turn burn your ass. they may request you to recognize by holding up their hands and saying "regonized". all those that think that you should regonize do the same thing. you must regonize by holding both of your hands above your head and say "i recognize" or crossing them in the air saying the same thing. the person that requested recognition then replys "hell yeh" and quickly returns there hands to a regular position. Everyone else that agress with the recognition then does the same while saying "Hell yeh"
Guy 1:dude did you see that 360?
Guy 2:Yeh that was lame
Guy 3:due that 360 was so awsum.
Guy 1: yeh i did that! RECOGNIZED! (raises hands)
Randoms:(raise hands)
Guy 2: fine i recognize.
Guy 1: HELL YEH!
Randoms: HELL YEH!
by recognizable March 6, 2009
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When someone calls a seat in a car, such as "shotgun" or "shotnotbitch," the driver of the car mus say, "Recognized," or else the shot-calling doesn't count.
Ikil: Shotgun!
Tybm: Recognized!
by Wasser Tizfiddle November 4, 2004
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Could be to recognize, could be to recall... But most likely used as a synonym for "reckon".
I recogn it might rain later today.
Johnny, what do you recogn is causing this?
Ah, I recogn her voice from that annoying ad.
by pseudo-rhymes October 29, 2019
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to respect; give honor by public acknowlegement.
Man ya better recognize the illest mc there is!
by d'nyn da truth December 20, 2004
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v. - To think again.
bitch, you best recognate
by Anonymous April 25, 2005
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When you disrespect someone, and they in turn burn your ass, you must "RECOGNIZE". Sometimes followed by a quick "HELL YEAH!"
Steve:Here, I got us some Diet Cokes
Phil:Everyone hates Diet Coke
Chick:Can I have one?
by Magee100 March 12, 2009
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You betta recognize that im the fiercest mothafucka around!
by Nose April 10, 2003
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