To carry out a task in a dangerous or unsatisfactory manner, without any thought or planning usually resulting in damage to property and or personal injury
last night I did a Buer. I tried to do a sick trick with my quadcopter but ended up crashing into a bus stop full of school children
by CrookedFPV February 08, 2017
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Is the best response when being asked, "Why did you do it?"
Lulz being a corruption of "lol" deriving from the Chan network.
Judge: Why did you kill this man?

You: I did it for the lulz.

Authority: Why did you do "X"?

You: I did it for the lulz.
by hacker2021 February 24, 2008
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If you're in a live chat with someone get it set in your mind that you want that person DEAD and then type that phrase (I did it for the lulz) 3 times into the chat window then Smiley will appear behind that person and KILL THEM live on cam while you watch.
I really dislike this guy showing his dick in chat roulette I think i'll type I did it for the lulz! 3 times and kill him!

I did it for the lulz! is a phrase used from the new Michael Gallagher Movie Smiley!
by janetlc69 October 15, 2012
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A phrase used to confirm your acknowledgement to a provocative action or comment.
1. Someone says to you; Oh no you didn't. You reply, That's How I did. The phase should be stated with attitude.
2. Someone says to you; For Real. You reply, That's how I did, as if you were saying, yes that's true.
3. Someone says to you; You been with my sister and my girlfriend? Respond loud and proud That's How I did and I'd do it again!
by Glen Ritter April 28, 2006
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there’s a special place in hell for people who use this phrase.
chad: hey babe i did a thing
stephanie: what was it?
chad: i fucked your sister last night
shaphanie: wdym? ur joking?
chad: well, it was anal so like that doesn’t even count
stephanie: no i asked if you were joking because i don’t have a sister. my brother just has long hair...
by NowWayDudeS January 01, 2021
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A failed attempt at stating "I did it for the lulz". Often perpetrated by newfaggots.
"I did it for the lolz hurr durr".
by yourmammybitchass January 19, 2011
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