Thirteen year old singer of "Friday" who really just cannot sing.
Who's the song by?" "Rebecca Black." "Get that away from me.
by Prezlee March 26, 2011
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A singer who takes two sentences to tell us she has to have a bowl of cereal in the morning.
REBECCA BLACK: Gotta have my bowl. Gotta have cereal.
LISTENER: Now why the heck didn't she just say, "Gotta have my bowl of cereal?".
by Daedalus Suburbanus April 08, 2011
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A lyrical genius who encompasses the most pressing problems teenagers are faced with ie which seat to choose when your 13 year old friends are driving you to school. Famous for her 'hit' song "Friday" which debuted on youtube. This uh... insightful song was followed by many parodies which would be frowned upon by about 5 people as they are probably related to her anyway (even tone deaf people recognise this song as a crime)
Is that a dying cow i hear??
Nah man, just some Rebecca Black shit
by rb&jbfan101 March 24, 2011
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I barely know who this bitch is....... But all twitter is talking about anymore is this girl. If you youtube her song "friday" & actually listen to it, you have a huge possibility of wanting to commit suicide right after. When she sings she sounds like there's a huge stick up her ass & she's in pain. In her song "friday", she repeats the fact that its friday & that you gotta get down on friday. Rebeccas friends eventually roll up in a convertible (her friends look like they're about 11) & can't decide which seat to take when there's clearly one in the back seat, right in the mother fucking middle. She does an amazing job of making people want to pull their ears off their head. i'd rather listen to my parents fucking for a day then listin to this song.
-Hey have you heard of rebecca black?
-Yea, she makes me wanna kill myself

Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday
by cbenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 21, 2011
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A teenage singer that sings about Fridays and buses. Her choice about which bus seat to take was harder than Rosa Parks's. She enjoys riding with the top down while a 13 year old drives and cutting to a random black singer for several seconds in her song.

Also, she is the proud holder of one of the most disliked videos in the history of Youtube.
Friend: Hey man i cant get Rebecca Black's friday song out of my head.

You: Think a bullet would help?

Friend: Yes!
by GORILLADIX March 30, 2011
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an 8th grade aspiring pop star with the amazing hit single "Friday" in which she pops around with her awkward buddies and sings about the weekend.
Friend: Hey, Rebecca Black, what day is it?
by luvalwysheather March 14, 2011
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A pre-teen who, for some reason, was given the chance to make a music video. Her single "Friday" has made many ears bleed and has probably the cause of mass suicide among those who were unfortunate enough to listen to her god awful song. Most likely because her voice is almost as ugly as her face.

The song has over 13,000,000 hits on YouTube because people like to share with others how awful it is.

Extremely auto-tuned, the song displays the greatness of the American School system when a portion of the song explains to us that yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.
Dude why did Mikey G kill himself last night?

Because he heard that song by Rebecca Black one too many times
by IheartOSU March 22, 2011
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